Our services

Hire Scandinaya’s professional staff to supervise your flights and you can be sure that your affairs will be handled with the upmost loyalty, accuracy, professionalism,
and hard work. 
We assure the airline security, on time perfomance  and outstanding passenger service.

Airport Services & Ground handling

We assure outstanding passenger service and on time performance while the flight is on ground. We provide an airline representative that will radiate and reflect the airline image always helping the ground handler to perform better.

Flight supervision

We will make sure to have a profesional Check-in supervision Gate supervision Ramp supervision Collection of fees for excess check-in baggage Collection of fees for excess hand luggage at the gate & Station management


VIP Service for VIP passangers - from and to the aircraft driven by a personal car and chauffeur and helping out with passport control, baggage claim and other possible services.


Providing the airlines passengers service. Helping passengers get to the right counters, helping families and handicap passenger to the gate and providing extra service for the airline.

What we deliver

Scandinaya’s service in and outside the airport is always about our clients needs and the clients and airlines prosperity. We enjoy building close, long-lasting relationships with our customers and clients.  As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of their business and needs. The diversity in Scandinaya’s service portfolio qualifies us to see a larger picture when taking care of even the most minor detail of everyday airline operations. In the past, we have contributed to the expansion of our customer’s business and turnover by identifying new possibilities in increasing efficiency and minimizing cost locally.

What you can expect from us

Loyalty and flexibility 
Our airline clients and partner’s values are our values, you can expect the best business partnership and a loyal service provider.

We will deliver what the airline expects multiplied by more and deliver the best possible outcome for our clients. 
By partnering us you will get a flexible provider that will provide professional staff and supervisors, trained in the values of the airline and even more professional service. 


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